Help a recruiter to find you

When it comes to searching for profiles in LinkedIn, success of the recruiter depends on how successful the candidate has been in building his profile.

Those days, when you would buy a newspaper and check the vacancies page while slowly drinking your Sunday morning coffee seems to be gone. “Digitalising”, they say, but what does it actually mean? Isn`t it enough you have registered yourself in LinkedIn? Somewhere in the back of your head you hear a self-assured voice saying, “I am an experienced manager, shouldn`t THEY be searching for me?”.

And we ARE searching for you. More precisely, we are searching the right place for you. And here is how you can help us to be found.

When I sit down in front of my laptop, to find the employee for a client, that is when I know, “that the little things are infinitely the most important”, and Sherlock Holmes in me gets to the action.

When it comes to searching for profiles in LinkedIn, success of the recruiter depends on how successful the candidate has been in building his profile. “It`s all about the keywords” – I say to my candidates. And I mean it.

Each recruitment project is limited in time, thus as sooner we find you and as more we can learn about you from your profile, as higher is chance that we will meet for the position. Here are some ideas, how you can ensure, that your LinkedIn profile is strong enough.

1.      Headline/ title

There are different search methods, and in some of them all I see is your photo, name/surname and a title. That is why a correct title is very important. Some candidates use a headline to state “Looking for job” or “Open for opportunities”. That is not supporting your job search. When I am looking for a candidate, I look for a someone for a specific position, thus would be interested to get to know you (click on your profile), when seeing you hold a same or similar position. 

2.      Summary

Here I appreciate to see the short and to the point description of your professional expertise, focusing on your specialties. Keep in mind “it`s all about keywords”. When a Sherlock Holmes would type in a search engine certain criterion to find the person, would your profile come up? E.g. if I am looking for a Finance Director in FMCG, who is familiar with SAP, I would search of keywords “finance director, finance manager, FMCG, SAP”.

3.      Position description

Have you described in detail at least last 3 positions? It definitely helps me to understand your expertise, to make sure, would our vacant position be a right place for you. And again – keywords. If I am looking for a General Manager for a resort, with pre-opening experience and strong background in Food&Beverage management, I would look for the keywords “General Manager, resort, hotel, hospitality, pre-opening, F&B, Food&Beverage).

4.      Featured Skills & Endorsements

The last part where I pay a good attention are your skills & endorsements. Same as for previous examples, they should be clearly descriptive, focusing on your main skills. If I am looking for a Sales Manager, experienced in B2B international sales of CNC machinery, I would look for keywords “sales, international sales, business development, B2B, CNC, machinery”. You can add the skills yourself, and others would endorse seeing a good match.

5.      Groups

Finally – to reach you and to see your full profile, we must share some connections or a common group. There are some general business groups in Turkey, with many participants, which you may join for the networking and your reachability, as well as specific to your profession/ expertise. No need to discover the bicycle again – take a look at the groups your colleagues or network has joined, to find the fitting ones!

If you have filled your profile with necessary details, I am sure, we will meet soon to support you in finding a place to grow your talents and potential. 

Let’s stay in touch and see you soon - digital and face2face!

Inuta Sert,
Senior Consultant, HILL International

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