Robot with prejudice – or how truly objective selection works

Digital personnel selection? Yes, but with heart and mind!

Any attempt to eliminate human prejudice and discrimination in the application process is a step in the right direction; robotic decisions are one attempt to simplify this process. As can be seen from the example of Amazon things can also go wrong.

We prefer to rely on fair and objective procedures in the personnel selection for quite a long time. Screening buzzwords or incorporating monumental self-presentations seems the wrong way for us. To show people "pure" and very deeply - regardless of gender, age or nationality - makes in our opinion more sense for everyone involved.

At HILL International we use a continuously evolved potential analysis which is not judgemental, but psychologically founded personality, abilities, interests management and sales competence. This is the basis for a truly objective, transparent and fair personnel decision. Exactly what companies need: the right people at the right place. Only like this real progress and change can happen - and above all responsibility! It is not only companies that benefit from it, but of course employees, because only a really "suitable" challenge contributes positively to the quality of life.

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